What’s Happening in the Tech-world right now?
top AI company in India
Top AI Company in India – KriyaTec

KriyaTec IT Systems- A Leading Brand Making a Real Difference in Digital World with Robust Solutions…

Top 5 RPA Tools 2020
Top 5 RPA tools to use

This pandemic has fostered the digital transformation and made that as a norm rather than an option …

AI Chatbot
What is AI Chatbot? Why are Chatbots important for your business?

“Did you know that 53% of consumers are likely to buy from businesses who can message?” …

Blockchain myths broken
Myths of Blockchain

Whenever a new technology emerges in the market, mixed opinions arise from the techies. Few flags th…

Technology Combinations
Technologies – End Game…Sorry, The Beginning!

When technology combines, results are incredible!

Blockchain Technology
What is Blockchain and why the Tech Giants want to go for it?

What is Blockchain and what are the terms associated with it.

what is pwa
What is PWA-Progressive Web Application and Why is it so popular?

Develop one application and use it everywhere.

supply chain management
Is the entire Supply Chain Management under your control?

  Are you sure whatever you buy is absolutely GENUINE? Not really. I can hear a few claiming yes, of…

iot in healthcare
IoT & Healthcare go Hand in Hand !

    Is IoT everywhere? Really? In my previous article, I discussed how IoT can be a game-changer in …

Is IoT a game changer in Industrial Revolution 4.0 ?

Yes. Some time back, when I asked my MD Mr. Baskaran, “Sir what is this IoT? ”Everybody is talking a…

HR Outsourcing
Opportunities From Upcoming Recession

Will forthcoming Recession, give more Business? As per Garner’s report of 2018 Earnings Transc…

iot challenges
Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare: Benefits & Challenges

Healthcare is one of our priority Industry verticals. And IoT is our collective passion area. We hav…

IoT Opportunities for SMEs
Challenges and Opportunities in IoT for SMEs across India, GCC and US

The Internet of things (IoT) technology is in the growth phase of the adoption curve. The industry i…