What is AI Chatbot? Why are Chatbots important for your business?

AI Chatbot

“Did you know that 53% of consumers are likely to buy from businesses who can message?”

Customer experience is one of the key forces which drive the business flywheel whether it is B2C or B2B or whatever. If we are not within their reach whenever they need us, there are enough lads out there with big mouths wide open to swallow them.

Do you want to move your prospects down your marketing funnel within a short span with ease? 

Then make AI Chatbot as your new ally to say “Hello, there! How may we help you?” to the customers irrespective of 

  • Time
  • Language
  • Business
  • Demographics
  • Technical Knowledge, etc.
Ai chatbot
Your Personal Digital Assistant

What is AI Chatbot?

Chatbots are digital assistants, a software simulating human conversation in natural language with pre-fed texts, images, videos, documents. When it is powered by Artificial Intelligence, the prediction is more accurate and conversation is more natural.

Few Chatbot Examples

Tech Giants are already in the hustle with huge investments in AI Chatbot Research amalgamating human emotions and technology together. More than 3,00,000 active FB Messenger chatbots are used by businesses focussing on 1.3 billion users of Facebook.

Google MEENAGoogle’s MEENA chatbot is trained with a whopping 2.6 billion parameters and 341 GB of data which makes it respond to the conversations sensibly.

Coin: It is a Chatbot of JP Morgan Chase to analyze the complex contracts which saved more than 3,60,000 hours of manual labor.

Health coach: It is an intelligent voice and text-based healthcare assistant designed by KriyaTec which can assist the Diabetic patients in their healthcare routine.

Bump: It is a chatbot of Cloudnine group of hospitals designed for expecting mothers. It helps them to book their appointments for consultation and even helps their eating routines.

Flipkart’s BigB Bot: This chatbot brought in a remarkable number of 1.3 lakhs users within 7 days for Flipkart with over 9.8 Lakhs interactions during its Big Billion Sale. The best part is, it’s Big B(Amitabh Bachchan) who answers our product queries in Hindi as well.

Why do businesses need AI Chatbot?

Customers intend to interact with businesses for various reasons from emergency inquiry to a simple document search.

A report prepared by a collaborative effort of Survey Monkey, Audience, Drift, Salesforce, My clever shows the use cases of Chatbots,

Chatbot Use Cases

How AI Chatbots improve Businesses?

Every business has its own website or a platform to showcase their products/services to the world and the USPs are flooded across the digital world by the marketers and sales professionals. 

We lose our prospects for various reasons. Let’s see how chatbots can mitigate them,

24/7 Chatbot

Problem #1: Not Available on Time

It’s difficult for the organizations to make themselves available 24/7, 365 days available for the customers. And many organizations like to reduce the investment on the customer support team and use the team for other core business tasks.

Can we save our Support Team from sleep deprivation and solve your customer escalations 24/7 at the same time?

Solution: AI Chatbots are “At Your Service 24/7/365”

Problem #2: Lengthy Process

Imagine, we made an incredible ad bravo enough to grab the eyeballs of prospective customers.

What’s the next step?

Click on ads >> lands to our website >> contact page >> fill in the name,email,contact, Description of the requirement >> wait for the response.

Do our customers have this much time to do all? It’s a strenuous job to make our customers make a buying decision with the 8 secs attention span. The navigation should be simple in a way to answer their queries immediately without making them hover over multiple tabs

Solution: “Chatbots”

What if the next step is,

Click on ads >> Lands to a Whatsapp Chatbot “Priya”

Priya >> “Hey there, I’m Priya. How may I help you today?”

Customer >> I need an appointment for a haircut. I look like a caveman because of this lock down.

Priya >> Ha.. ha.. Don’t worry. Our stylist will unveil the Tom Cruise inside. We have an appointment at 3.00 p.m, 5.00 p.m & 8.00 p.m. Which one do you prefer?

Customer >> 3.00 p.m would work for me.

Priya >> hmm… done. Your appointment is booked with Ms.Sara at 3.00 p.m. Would you like to avail of our facial 50 % offer after the haircut? It is only for 2 days.

Customer >> Sure.


Sale Closed. Up selling is over within 5 minutes without making our customers feel like they are chatting with a bot!

Problem #3: Language barriers

“Razvitiye chatbota stalo proshche ot KriyaTec” 

AI Chatbot - Free from emotional hitches
Multilingual Chatbot

Is it fair to expect everyone to understand the above? Not really right. But I can impress my Russian prospects with this.

There are more than 7000 languages spoken around the world now. And the accents differ from person to person.

All our growth hacking efforts should be aligned with our customer persona especially when the businesses are spread across the world. But is it possible to hire and train that many resources?

Solution: We can make multiple chatbots for each native language or we can use one chatbot to support multiple languages with proper training and changes in the framework. 

Problem #4 Emotional Hitches

Customers can be easily triggered to leave our product when our Support Executives are not resonating with the callers. After all, we are humans bound by our emotions. 

Chatbot is free from emotional hitches

A Customer Support Executive working for 9 hours a day answering hordes of back to back queries from visitors may not respond with the same energy and enthusiasm as he did during the first call. 

And if he is doing that for years, the situation is even worse. Customers can only hear crickets.

Solution: Chatbots, when powered by AI, draw the ‘n’ of customers to a meaningful conversation free from hitches SIMULTANEOUSLY with no drop in the excitement. They just obey the rules.

Above are just a few benefits of the chatbot.

Its potential is enormous and it is pocket friendly when compared to developing an app for your product. Do you know how?

Let’s discuss more on this in the next article.

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