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RPA Services

Are You Wasting Time in Repetitive Tasks?

Cut your operating cost upto 75%
24/7 operation

” It’s a Digital Era, Allow Us to Automate Your Everyday Prosaic Tasks with Robotic Process Automation Solutions“

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation refers to the automation of the business processes(repetitive) using software which is programmed with rules and procedures.

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Solutions has crossed it’s horizon. There are a wide variety of benefits available to companies who make the choice to use robotic automation in their operations. Whether it’s a manufacturing company or a services business, developing the right robotic automation solution can lead to the kind of efficiency and accuracy that translates into being able to stay ahead of the competition in a business climate that seems to be getting tougher everyday.

KriyaTec enable you to focus on your core business with our efficient RPA development services. We automate your everyday prosaic tasks and save your time, effort and money.

RPA Benefits & Applications

Today, robotics finds usage beyond manufacturing and more towards areas like e-commerce, fintech, logistics, retail, healthcare etc. 

Robotics automation is transforming the way logistics and supply chain processes across the world are being optimized. 

Robotics also has significant overlap with Artificial Intelligence and automate the tasks with predictive solutions.

RPA not only helps business to reduce their operating margins by headcount saving, better turnaround but also support better compliance and service quality. 

Why KriyaTec for RPA?

Highly Expertised

Our experts ensure its smooth, error free functioning, based on thousands of complex algorithms.

Rich Solution Stack

Our solution stack is feature-rich and customized to adapt to changing business dynamics of your industry.

Improved QoS

Our experts build solution to be highly scalable and minimal downtime.

Few RPA Tools We Handle

automation anywhere RPA tool
Uipath RPA Tool
PegaSystems RPA tool
Blueprosm RPA tool

Top 5 RPA Open-source & Commercial tools to use in 2020

Top 5 RPA Tools 2020

This pandemic has fostered the digital transformation and made that as a norm rather than an option of luxury. Adoption of niche technologies like RPA, AI, ML has increased these days.

Choosing the right RPA tool plays an important role. Here is the list of best RPA tools in the market Read more…

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