Is the entire Supply Chain Management under your control?

supply chain management


supply chain management

Are you sure whatever you buy is absolutely GENUINE?

Not really. I can hear a few claiming yes, of course, I buy vegetables and fruits from a renowned organic shop. But “Are we sure it is organic ? from the seed to the shop ?”The answer is NO. Supply Chain Management is a lengthy process involving multiple stakeholders at various stages.

It’s definitely not possible for any of us to check everything that we buy, being food or wearable or whatever every day is authentic.

Heart of any Industry!

The supply chain is the heart of any industry. Whatever hot technology we utilize, hardcore professional we involve, the latest marketing techniques we adopt, the product has to reach the appropriate place at the appropriate time.

Logistics has always been the area under serious vigilance all the time. Any hindrance no matter how small or how big it will bring serious effects in terms of delivery, customer satisfaction, loss of money, efforts, expiry of material, etc. Because everything is interconnected.

Sit and watch the entire Supply Chain!

Recent disruptive technologies in this industry are Blockchain, AI, Immersive technologies, RPA, IoT, Chatbots, Digital Supply Chain Twin, etc.

“ Autonomous things say Drones, Robots, Hoverboards are bringing new business scenarios and optimize the existing ones”

– Gartner

All these disruptive technologies are making a remarkable impact in logistics and supply chain irrespective of the materials to be shipped. Transparency has been increased to a prominent level which makes the entire process visible to all the stakeholders now and later on any time in the future.

Nothing is hidden anymore when you have IoT & Blockchain!

IoT is now a part and parcel of Supply Chain. With sensors on every good to be transported, it gives astounding transparency in the process. Just scan it, you got the whole history of the product from the very beginning.

Example: You doubt whether your shoe is made from genuine leather or not? Just scan the sensors on it, boom! you have all the data.

Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain makes the network tamper-proof. Keeping the fraudsters away. No adulteration, hence a happy buyer!

Data increases shelf life!

Yes. Monitoring the process is not just enough for an efficient business to happen. Recording of the process with BI reports/charts is mandatory for your profit.

“If a process is not reviewed and fine-tuned periodically, believe me, you are putting yourself into a catastrophe !”

Data visualization is helping the stakeholders to make an immediate change in the process for a successful transaction which leads to short lead time and more shelf life. Being Land / Rail / Ocean the major concern is on the tracking of the material/vehicle/container being transported, traceability of the products by all the stakeholders from producer to consumer amplifies the trust.

From Consumer to Seller!

Reverse Supply chain which enmeshes the movement of goods from consumer to seller contradicting the traditional supply chain is another trending practice across the world. It encompasses multiple activities like inspection, sorting, and disposition.

“Timing of the product return has to be managed carefully”

– Harvard Business Review

If the product is not collected at the appropriate time, remanufacturing is impossible and may result in failure of the entire process.

KriyaTec in Supply Chain Management

It’s not about technology, it’s about how we use it. Technologies are evolving every now and then. What we use today may become irrelevant in a week or even shorter.

One of the best quotes I’ve read,

“ The beauty of technology lies in seeing how the world makes use of it ”

We designed and delivered an End-to-End Courier Management Solution – ProDesk which involves multiple functionalities from Booking to Delivery. 


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