Is IoT a game changer in Industrial Revolution 4.0 ?

iot everywhere

Yes. Some time back, when I asked my MD Mr. Baskaran, “Sir what is this IoT? ”Everybody is talking about it. He asked, “tell me what have you understood?” Then I gave this long prosaic definition from Wikipedia.

“The Internet of things is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Experience peace of mind knowing you’re Embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware, these devices can communicate and interact with others over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled”.

He simply said it’s not that complicated Sindhu. It’s just “Connection of things with us through the internet”. I asked what??

It sounds interesting but ” how ” is my following question. Then I started digging more details about it. It’s sensors, software, internet and processors making it possible.

IoT is not bounded to one domain!

These buzzwords IoT, IIoT, IoE are everywhere and is it has crossed its horizons. Sports, agriculture, smart homes, smart cities, construction, process automation, healthcare, and the list goes on.

An article shows that people’s search for smart homes increases by 60,000 every month. While many MNCs like Philips, Haier are already in the race, many startups take this as an opportunity to prove themselves.

When someone is talking about digital presence, that indirectly means they are having IoT and AI in their minds. Right from Amazon Echo, Google Home, to Ring, Echobee, Neurio, etc. are making a remarkable change in our everyday life.

Are things going to personalize the environment for us?

It’s fascinating to know that our living space can alter itself based on our mood swings.If the lighting changes to mild yellow while you enter your home after a long tiring working day; your toaster recognizes your hunger and toast the bread already, waiting for you to just grab one and bite; your washing machine washed and dried the clothes ready for your next day; your bed adjusts itself the cushion based on your comfort and rocks you to sleep; these are all not a dream and its not only possible in fantasy tales, it’s happening and is progressing every day.

Construction and Sports domains are not left-back!

Digital Twin is a new trend in the construction arena. IoT makes this exact replica of the physical model possible. Gartner predicted there would be “ 21 billion connected sensors by 2020, making digital twins possible for billions of things “.

IoT in sports is lending hands to both players and coaches in various aspects like player development, energy level monitoring, right activity engagement, analytical reports of their activities right from entering the ground to time out.

Is IoT a threat to our private lives?

While many are cherishing the latest innovations, on the other side many worries whether IoT is a disturbance to our privacy, hearing all personal conversations and emotions. Well, the experts are bringing answers to that also. Amazon’s new add-on feature of Alexa called amnesia which on one command deletes all the conversation is a piece of evidence that precautions are also on the way.

“ Whether a threat or a boon, IoT is not going away and will never be “

Kriyatec in IoT !

One of our project Data Explorer is another proof that IoT can help us with complete live data charts, comparison reports, alarming messages to the right personnel, BI reports of complicated systems in the industry involving 1000s of I/O nodes. We understood the expectations of the Client well and delivered a complete solution. This is just an example of our IoT capability.

All the best to all the IT services companies. Whether it is industrial revolution 4.0 or infinity IoT will remain as a game-changer. It’s just a beginning. We have a lot more to experience.

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