IoT & Healthcare go Hand in Hand !

iot in healthcare



Is IoT everywhere? Really?

In my previous article, I discussed how IoT can be a game-changer in the industrial revolution 4.0. IoT has crossed its horizons from being bound only to large industries to the common man. Just like mobile phones from the stage of luxury to necessity.

Whatever field you name it, you can hear IoT saying, “Tadaaaa…! I’m already here buddy, you’re too late !”. Yes, we are behind. IoT is already ahead.

IoT Wearables

“You just wear it, it takes care of the rest “!

“Prevention is better than cure”.But how is it possible in this “no time” world? Technology has answers to this. We know IoT is going to be a part and parcel of our everyday life. IoT wearables with those smart sensors are fascinating and we cannot say “Dude, I don’t have time to do this” anymore.

You cannot cheat the doctors!

According to the World Health Organisation, 50% of medicines are not taken as prescribed. Approved ingestible sensors eliminate this easily. It is now possible by the pills we swallow to send signals to the mobile app of the doctor or the caretaker that we have taken the medication at the right dosage.

It is now possible to avoid the chronic effects of Asthma. Smart sensors are attached to the inhaler which sends the doctors information about the dosage taken in the form of charts.

IoT analyses your emotions better!

We all know that Apple watches have the capability of sensing the depression levels of the person and thus enabling the doctors to have more clarity on the patient’s condition.

There is a wearable that can sense your posture and alert us while we bend to lift something. It ensures an erect posture thus preventing back pain.

Reminders for Sanitation!

These smart sensors help in sanitation as well. It sends the sanitation employees an alert on their hand hygiene and reminders for sanitation sessions based on the signals sensed from the unhygienic floors.

Kriyatec and RxCareNet

We developed an interesting application called “RxCarenet – A multi-tenant pediatric portal”. It’s just another sample of our Application Development Services capability. The application is a multi-tenant pediatric portal, capable of generating multiple analytic reports bringing valuable information to the healthcare industry.

It helps both the Doctors / Assistants and the Parents / Caretakers to be notified of information like child growth alerts through BMI charts, vaccination reminders, history of medicines prescribed, lab reports in one click on the mobile/web application.

The interesting and happy news is that all these are not only from the big tech giants out there. But the SMEs are also rising up their hands high to shout out, we are capable.


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