Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence Services

Thinking of AI in Your Enterprises?

  • Chatbots Development Services (Button-based bots, Keyword-based bots, Contextual bots)
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Prescriptive Solutions
  • And many more…

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial Intelligence Solutions is gaining momentum every now and then irrespective of the industries. It enables the enterprise to concentrate on their core businesses. AI Chatbots are now a new norm for businesses.

“Did you know that 53% of consumers are likely to buy from businesses who can message?”

Artificial Intelligence Solutions are now more reliable and secure than before with the combination of other disrupting technologies. Below are the few applications,


  • AI performs accurate decision-making 
  • Automated Customer Support 
  • Fraud detection and Claims Management 
  • Insurances Management 
  • Predictive analysis in Financial Services 


  • Data management- Robots collect, store, re-format, and trace data to provide faster and more consistent access. 
  • Tedious work for e.g. scan, data entry, X-ray done more efficiently by an AI 
  • Healthcare System Analysis 
  • Digital Consultation through highly cognitive and responsive bots


  • AI is used to handle high dimensional information and data 
  • AI is used in production, mechanical arms to do repetitive tasks in no time 
  • Predictive maintenance of machinery 
  • In supply chain for the knowledge of prediction demand

Like to know how AI can be utilized in your organization?
We are there to help you!

Why KriyaTec for Artificial Intelligence Services?

ai chatbots
  • At KriyaTec, our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Networks is applied within your respective field of work (Fintech, Healthcare, Education and Manufacturing), designing enhanced & accurate systems to make them economically efficient
  • KriyaTec development team will critically evaluate the complete system, identify the problems, and find the right point of application for cognitive learning in the system.
  • Our experts are highly skilled in feeding the system with efficient data and allow it to take prescriptive actions without human intervention effectively.
  • Our experience with large enterprises including hazardous environments accompanies us to deliver a trusted solution for the clients.

Chatbots – Your Personal Digital Assistant

Have you ever wondered about a 24/7 customer support without humans?

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are digital assistants, a software simulating human conversation in natural language with pre-fed texts, images, videos, documents.

When powered by Artificial Intelligence, AI Chatbots reply to the sensible conversations effectively.

NLP accompanies the Chatbots to understand the user’s accents efficiently and gives a humanized touch in the conversations.Read more…

Why KriyaTec for Chatbot Development Services?

Diverse Portfolio

Our developers, analysts, architects have hands-on experience in diverse industry verticals.

Creative resources

Our resources are highly creative bringing new aspects to the solutions.

In-depth analysis

Our experts perform a detailed scope analysis and suggest the relevant chatbot for the clients.

Proven Casestudies

Our Chatbot case studies developed for leading enterprises are our brand ambassadors.

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