Application Development

Enterprises have a perennial requirement to develop applications either for their internal needs or for their clients. When the word “enterprise” and “application” are combined, it is a software designed for a large business which is complex in nature as it has to integrate or interface with current applications within the enterprise which needs to be deployed on either the internet, intranet and corporate networks while maintaining strict security demands in the process.

Today’s enterprises have needs to build custom web applications easily, quickly and securely. Applications need to be agile and versatile to work on both web and mobile devices. These requirements has spawned the emergence of modern web application development platforms

We are offering following development activities under development services

  • Web/Desktop development Applications
  • Mobile Apps development
  • REST API / Micro Services
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Migration services

KriyaTec provide the software development services on leading technology platforms. Our skilled domain & technology expertise are committed for providing the highest possible quality of service.  We have our own standard processes covering the entire development.


Once we get the contract from the client, our Business Analyst & SME’s do the detailed study of the documents from our Business Development team viz. SOW, earlier MOM, etc. and have the detailed discussion with them to understand the client requirements clearly.  Based on this, we prepare the high-level plan, how many sprints, do the presentation for the kick-off meeting, present it to the client and get the final consensus from the client for the project go-ahead.

Product Backlog

After having the detailed discussions by our Business Analysts and SME’s, the functional and non-functional requirements are documented as user stories.

Sprint Planning

The sprint meeting is conducted with the presence of client, Product owner, development team & testing team.  Based on the availability of the team hours & available user stories, the sprint planning will be finalized.

Development & Testing

Based on the sprint planning, the application development is being started.  During the development, the code is reviewed by the technical lead and unit testing is also done by the peer developers.  Once development is over, the testing team has started the testing for using the test cases and the development team fix the issues, if anything is found by testing team.  The sprint meeting is conducted every day for the progress of the sprint planning and any open items will be discussed & the remedy has to be given to the team.


The application is made available in the client environment for their review.  Based on the agreed client feedback, the application is updated for live production.  Any feedback which was not in the story board will be added in the product backlog for the next sprint planning.

Sprint Closure & Review

During the sprint closure, the overall open points for the sprint will be discussed and will be moved into the product backlog for the remaining sprints, if required. The respective reports will be sent to the client.

Kriyatec IT System is a leading IT development company specialising in RPA, Blockchain, AI and IOT applications based out of Chennai, India and California, USA.

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