Testing Services

KriyaTec have our own standard processes covering the entire Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).  We focus on the verification and validation of applications against the defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations.

Requirement Analysis

After getting the contract from the client, the testing team do the complete understanding of the testing project using the provided artefacts viz. Requirement Specification, Design, etc. and have a discussion with the client for any unknowns..

Test Planning

The testing team start preparing the test project planning which includes test schedule, test case preparation, testing environment setup, test case execution, test cycle completion criteria, and test results reporting, etc.

Test case Development

Test cases are started preparing based on the Requirement specifications and design document.  Also, test data is also prepared along with the test cases.  The test cases will be published after completing the peer review.

Testing Environment Setup

Testing environment setup is independent activity and can be started parallel with Test Case Development.  This has to be done by the developer or the client.  Once it is ready, the testing team do the smoke testing to check the readiness for the testing environment setup.

Test case Execution

The test cases are being executed by the testing team as per the plan.  The test results is updated against the test case document and is sent to the respective team.  If the development team fixes the issues and will send it to the testing team for re-testing.  The testing team do the re-testing/regression testing as per the test plan.

Test case Closure

As per the test cycle completion criteria mentioned in test planning, the test case execution is closed and the test closure report & test metrics will be prepared.

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