Support and Maintenance

Software Support Services

Kriyatec Software Support Services (KTS3) provide the end-to-end support for the applications developed in Open Source as well as Microsoft Products so that the business running smoothly.  For open source applications, we do offer how to, usage, configuration, installation, compatibility, and troubleshooting support.  We provide full time telephone, remote technical, and maintenance support services 24 hours a day 7 days a week as well as proactive monitoring, event notifications, and troubleshooting for reducing the business disruptions.  The support levels are explained below and may differ client to client.


Severity Level Business Impact Description Response time
1 Critical business impact Complete loss of all service of the application and the situation is an emergency. Within 2 hours
2 Significant business impact Severe loss of service of the application however, operation can continue in a restricted fashion. Within 4 business hours
3 Some business Impact A minor loss of service of the application, the impact is an inconvenience By end of next business day
4 Minimal business impact No loss of service of the application.  The result is a minor error, incorrect behaviour, or a documentation By end of next business day


Change Management

The goal of Change Management is to protect the live environment from unintended impacts as a result of changes made to the various systems, applications, and equipment operating on the network.  For any change,

  1. The client has to initiate Change Request (CR)
  2. The CR will be reviewed by Kriyatec and the impact analysis will be carried out.
  3. The effort will be estimated and will send it to the client.
  4. Based on the approval by the client, the CR will be developed and implemented

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