Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger for recording transactions. It finds wide application in many areas like Finance, Banking, Money Markets etc. The blockchain leaves out the middleman for the transactions. Transactions online are closely connected to the processes of identity verification.


Application of Blockchain in finance

Speeding up and simplifying cross-border payments.

Trade accuracy and a shorter settlement process.

Smart transactions and agreements executed automatically without the added expense of a middleman.

Loyalty and Rewards-Blockchain offers multiple benefits, including transparency and traceability of transactions.

Identity Blockchain identity applications allow for unaltered identity verification, authorization, and management, resulting in significant efficiencies and reduced fraud.

Benefits of Blockchain

Fewer Intermediaries
Blockchain is a true peer-to- peer network that reduces reliance on y intermediaries – like banks, lawyers, and brokers.

Faster Processes

Blockchain can speed up process execution and allow for faster transactions that aren’t limited by office hours.


Information in blockchains is viewable by all participants and cannot be altered. This will reduce risk and fraud, and create trust.


Distributed ledgers will provide quick ROI by helping businesses create leaner, more efficient, and more profitable processes.


The distributed and encrypted nature of blockchain mean it will be difficult to hack. This shows promise for business and IoT security.


Blockchain is programmable – which will make it possible to automatically trigger actions, events, and payments once conditions are met.

Why KriyaTec for Blockchain


1. We bring strategic insights and years of experience across Fintech industry to design Blockchain solutions
    and applications.

2. We discover the true value of your Blockchain trail data.

3. Optimize Blockchain ROI by streamlining other related processes.

4. Ability to deploy on a scalable, secure architecture.

5. We’re available for Round the clock support.

Kriyatec IT System is a leading IT development company specialising in RPA, Blockchain, AI and IOT applications based out of Chennai, India and California, USA.

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