An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an attempt to create an integrated product that manages the majority of operations in a company.

There are several stages in the selection process of an ERP package:

1. Analysis of the process of the firm.

2. Analysis of the concept of the ERP package.

3. Pre-selection: Only packages that support company process.

4. Selection: After Workshop and evaluation of several factors.

5. Re-engineering vs. customization.

6. Efforts vs. benefit.

Off the shelf, ERP systems should be used in areas that are not core competency of an enterprise. In core competency areas your unique processes usually are a competitive advantage and better than best practices provided by ERP systems. Customization to the off the shelf ERP systems are also costly and requires recurring cost whenever the version is upgraded. It is recommended to use a flexible ERP package that can be easily customized and be used as a development framework for creating custom add-on modules.

KriyaTec provides ERP solutions in open source as well as windows based platforms.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy, not a technology. Successful companies are focused on finding and keeping the most important asset any business has; customers. One of the most exciting developments in CRM is the emergence of advanced open source CRM applications allowing customers to freely and deeply integrate multiple business systems in support of business strategy and not the other way around. By their very nature, open source applications are less expensive to acquire, deploy and support than proprietary solutions. Yet these systems provide enterprise-class security, scalability, and features at a price and in a form accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We offer:

We customize and operate your CRM system either by utilizing your existing IT infrastructure/hosting service or from one of our computing centers.

We frequently backup your data and commit to a service level agreement.

We provide a set of plugins and extensions for your office programs to communicate conveniently with the CRM system.

We continue to improve the CRM system and provide updates and upgrades System customization.

We maintain a 24/7 service hotline for all your questions, wishes or comments and in case there is any technical trouble.


Your Advantage:


Immediate availability.
No IT infrastructure investment required.
No IT administration.
No hardware and software updates.
Capacity enhancements on short notice.
You can focus on your core business.
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